Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Leaked Nude Photos, I Hate MTV So Much

Here are some leaked nude photos of Jenelle Evans from MTV’s awful show Teen Mom which were allegedly leaked on her ex-boyfriend’s Twitter feed. And for the record Jenelle Evans is 20 year-old now. And even though she is very petite and look very young these topless and full-frontal images are very legal… The photos show her fully naked body and appear to habe been taken before the she got fake boobs a few months ago. Anyway, the “Teen Mom 2” star was hospitalized over the weekend. There is speculation that the reality star suffered a breakdown as a result of nude pictures being leaked on Saturday. However, Jenelle seem to be an attention whore so this “leak” might just be a publicity stunt on her part. If this was really an unauthorized release it must suck for her to have someone post nude pics online, but if she didn’t have guys taking naked pics of her, this wouldn’t happen in the first place. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


Here is a selection of Jenelle Evans’ mugshots for comparison. And as you can see, even though Jenelle is barely 5 feet tall she is still very much a dangerous one woman crime wave: