Tammy szeto & Tiffany Kwan Scandal

Tammy szeto & Tiffany Kwan Scandal

Tiffany Kwan

Foreigner ‘stealing’ Honk Kong girl goes viral “Tiffany Kwan and Tammy szeto

“Over the weekend a duo of lovely American sexpats uploaded a video to YouTube of themselves stealing a local girl away from what appeared to be her boyfriend in Hong Kong’s infamous Lan Kwai Fong bar district. Within a few days the video has been watched more than 1 million times on YouTube. The video is called ‘Alex steals girl from Chinese guy’ and has ignited a furious wave of debate and denunciations online”.

At the beginning of video the girl is sitting between her Chinese boyfriend and the foreigner, and is already holding hands with the foreigner. Within a few minutes the girl is sitting on the American’s lap and kissing him in front of her boyfriend as he continues to hold her hand with his back turned. At one point, in an act of magnificent multi-tasking, she’s simultaneously kissing the foreigner, holding hands with her Chinese boyfriend, and talking on the phone. Throughout this process, the Chinese guy’s face slowly turns red as he raises his hands to his hair, clearly not knowing what to do. Ultimately, the westerner walks away with the Hong Kong girl, and her poor ‘boyfriend’ is left looking aghast.

Read more: http://www.theworldofchinese.com/2014/05/foreigner-stealing-honk-kong-girl-goes-viral/

Tiffany Kwan

HongKongers on online forums were not too impressed with comments ranging from “Really too cheap” and “white trash”, right through to “easy girl”, and “spineless”.

Here’s the original YouTube video with all the gory detail:

Tiffany Kwan

秦國HiHI圖 (I pull girl in Thailand, security BREAKS INTO MY ROOM (video))

Tiffany Kwan

Tiffany Kwan

Read more her info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1USi3v9S44egVh57UM6Mrljg3MD9HMccYGgja28S8hHo/preview?sle=true

Tammy Szeto 教院BA (Language Studies) – English Major

姓氏(英): Szeto

名字(英): Yeuk Hei

姓氏(中): 司徒

名字(中): 若希

性別: 女

年齡: 22


中學就讀: Hong Kong St. Margaret Girl’s College

大專就讀: Community College of City University (副學士)

大專主修科: Professional English of Communication

總學分 (GPA): 3.08/4

最高學歷: 副學士


大學主修科: BA (Language Studies) – English Major

大學宿舍: Hall C 柏立基堂 / 剛收到風住JC Hall

Name: Sze-To Yeuk Hei, Tammy

Gender: Female

Date of birh: 31 Dec 1992

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Address: Rm9, 35/F, Chun On Hse, Tin Ma Court, KLN.

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: 62303664

[img]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/GBMaiO-gkPEDJUStaTyAi3dwMNGsTKRVoefdZV_e2uB1KMwCZbIejt8a7QsqMzfePq-zUItIH7bmUwVUNEGkB6YyRRd0_7zl1tB0n7VXMF2__94My8IJVIGRTJ7jGBIEbA[/img][img]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/Vf7ep6QZ3qyBQ38-1B3ybh4p0J4eO4D85MgaKRodwlZ9ld-fw35X0oDkz8meq1P6dASZZh8rlQGTgeMBbX1iDsFctwzgjxXcD1rSm5m3YTObI7Oy7rTXuyPzHJAUduONAA[/img][img]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Plp4_j-ieq5nfv0tz4g9HGEJGO-nW8LcgYJ7tf_u3cXlEApjfpgh3_cwHxJFDjf3BGmdojWdeMpc1gnLvnANyAZ50tFMkmfz4daqmLFeC5yQYW0BAc8wBqerQA1kY3qR3w[/img][img]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/gcRrGM1Mk7ZBjsoM--aPVzeLH814mjDgcPkcerMWfCjljx-aEV5HoMvlZ_6lUKpClWsPSdDTlakClb019yz3JgMtxFptkFWcKHgogpl1NHkQMCcF-XXk4CBgP5qJ0X8CRQ[/img][img]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/eu-YMUxNx8guCN8GDV67sXV4d5K7dCDo4rdJHokGoOHtPytQNWVulojgucKl9En0UYkfuJw0nSI-SYSU1bV_Iq-72MiKdp0xOCiS2EgDFJF16rJNkpwxhKUerArM5bMzRw[/img]Tiffany KwanTiffany KwanTiffany Kwan

Tiffany Kwan

Tiffany Kwan

Tiffany Kwan

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