Taiwanese Bathhouse Girls

Here is another set with six chicks taking photos at a bathhouse. As you may know, I associate Asian chicks in bathhouse getting friend with each other with Taiwan. Something is in the water in Taiwan and I am not talking naked chicks. Something that is causing spontaneous girl-on-girl bathouse action. Click on pictures to …


Asian Self-Shot Camwhore Compilation

Here are some 220 photos of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino and everything in between Asian chicks taking self-shots looking really naughty showing off their sexy curves. Normally I hate compilations but it is a slow Friday and this one is rather nice. And really really long… Click on pictures to enlarge.

Asian Gangbang Sluts At Sex Party

Here is a better version of a previously posted set. The pictures are much larger and we get a lot more pictures to complete the set. I don’t know for sure but this might be Thailand because I see one old white dude fucking a bunch of Asian chicks and as we all know, Thailand …