Justin Lee Leaked Sex Video With Kelly Tseng Part 4, Taiwan Celebrity Sex Scandal



Okay, here is the Part 4 and the last installation of the Justin Lee (李宗瑞) sex scandal videos with Kelly Tseng. And this video clearly show that Kelly Tseng was a willing sex partner of Justin. And she seem just as drugged up as most of the other girls in the Justin Lee sex video collection. At the end of this video after Justin was finish fucking her we see Kelly Tseng go over to him and kiss his penis. Almost as if they were playing some kind of dominant/submissive sex games while drunk or high on drugs. These sex videos of Justin with his many ladies are weird indeed. And Justin is holding a recording iPhone during most of the sex sessions so Kelly is another one who cannot say she was unaware she was being film.


Justin Lee Leaked Sex Video With Kelly Tseng Part 4 Taiwan Celebrity Scandal Sex Tape

File Size: 390 MB – Format: WMV – Runtime: 13:42 minutes












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