Hot Korean Girl Dancing Collection

Hot Korean Girl Dancing Collection

Korean BJ Collection: Korean BJ – Biggest Korean Camera Girl

Here is the long awaited for Dancer pack. Full Screen Videos: Hot Korean Girl DancingCollection.Screenshots.rar – 43.8 MB

You will see included in that big pack 3 girls I focused on. Three girls I included the AfreecaTV name, so you just have to go on the site and put the name after a slash to access their profiles and learn more.

Some details :

민아 – Minah (apa13579)


Lots of ssul out there, but even though she looks fake, she doesn’t look that annoying. Nice dancing moves and quite famous (reached friends limit on fb).

박가린 – Park Garin (janjju)


Cuteness overload.

I didn’t recognize her at first, but some guy on that thread on /t/ asked for the identity of a “new Vivien”, well, it is she. Park Garin, aka janjju. Cute. Good songs. Good dancing.

한나 – Hannah (kiddy42815‎)

Sex Scandal

Mah favourite. She even accepted me (and Galet but w/e) on facebook. Lots of songs. Cool dancing and not that much ssul’d. Great girl.

Anyway, this pack will help you to enjoy the view of cute girls but also you won’t always have to ask for the name of the songs since what took me a while was to recognize songs and remove duplicates. Everything went faster thanks to those Android apps.

Here is the result for the 3 above. You can add the other Hannah to the list, but I didn’t get that many vids from her.

Hot Screen Videos











Download Hot Korean Girl Dancing Collection


Download (MyCam.BIZ):

1.한나 – Hannah.rar – 1.6 GB

ë ¤ì› – Ryeo Won.rar – 1.2 GB

리카 – Rika.rar – 117.3 MB

민주 – Democratic.rar – 848.2 MB

박가린 – Bak Ga Rin.rar – 116.0 MB

부니 – Bunny.rar – 463.2 MB

ê¹€ë ¹í•˜ – Kim Ryeon Gha.rar – 1.7 GB

꼬북이 – Kkobuk.rar – 1012.5 MB

Hannah (kiddy42815‎).rar – 1.5 GB

ì„¸ë ¨ – Chic.rar – 45.4 MB

Park Garin (janjju).rar – 397.5 MB

Unknown.rar – 1.8 GB

효빈 – Hyo Bin.rar – 509.1 MB

찌니 – Jenny.rar – 113.8 MB

쌔끈녀 – Hot maid.rar – 55.9 MB

송예은 – Song Yeu Eun.rar – 8.9 MB

한별 – Hanbyeol.rar – 385.4 MB

아가씨 찐 – Steamed Lady.rar – 256.6 MB

셀ㅋ ㅏ – Selka.rar – 34.1 MB

심심한 – Sincere.rar – 25.8 MB