Emma Thompson Topless Candids On The Set Of A Movie

Here is Emma Thompson topless and her help failing to protect her modesty while on the set of “Love Punch” in France from over the weekend. Emma Thompson in a dark one-piece swimsuit was being toweled off after a dip in the sea, didn’t appear bothered about revealing herself in front of the film crew. But the two-time Oscar-winning actress was also unwittingly revealing a bit too much for the paparazzi on the Cannes set of her latest film. Anyway, I think her breasts look pretty darn good, considering she is 53 year-old! A bit of sagging is natural, it is called gravity people. LOL… She was unselfconscious as she went bare-chested on the beach in-between shoots so I think she believe she look okay too. And any actress with an Academy Award is always welcome to show off her tits here. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


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