And Another Japanese AV Chick And Her Full Bush

Here is another Japanese porn chick doing her thing… I think this one is a famous one but I have no clue of her name. Hope you like a full bush because this this has a frost between her legs… Enjoy! Click on photos to enlarge.



  1. her name: Kyôka ISHIGURO – 石黒京香

    also known as:
    Eri KAWAI – 川井恵理
    Izumi MORI – 杜泉
    Kaede KUROKI – 黒木かえで
    Kyohka ISHIGURO – 石黒京香
    Kyohko ISHIGURO – 石黒杏子
    Kyôko ISHIGURO – 石黒杏子
    Kyouka ISHIGURO – 石黒京香
    Kyouko ISHIGURO – 石黒杏子

    japanese pornstar / AV actress
    porn/AV activity: 2007 – 2010
    started around 25~26 years old | stopped around 28~29 years old
    current age: 35 years old
    birthdate: October 02, 1981
    birthplace: Japan Japan, Tôkyô prefecture
    astrological sign: Libra
    measurements: JP 85-60-87 (US 33-24-34)
    cup size: C
    height: 158 cm (= 5’2″)
    weight: unknown
    blood type: A

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